Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fake News Dominates Real News Cycle

The Narrative Continues!

As we head into Thanksgiving, we continue to be bombarded by news about “fake news” and more accusations about how we’re all Nazis and racists.  The Ctrl-Left is still triggered about the election and are doing everything they can to delegitimize President-Elect Trump and his incoming administration before he’s even sworn in.  After much soul searching, they have decided that their strategy of a long, deliberate and painful walk to idiocy should instead be replaced by a rush to stupidity. They have labeled the amorphous Alt-Right (or Alt-Reich as some call it) as a bunch of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  So they continue using the exact same tactics that cost them the election this time around.

                The thing the media and the elite still want to be able to do is influence. If you look at who they are criticizing, they are not criticizing the establishment people that Trump is meeting with.  Instead, they are attacking the outsiders.  That’s how Steve Bannon becomes an anti-Semite, while Reince Priebus is a good pick for his connections in DC. Jeff Sessions becomes a racist, but they suddenly have no problem with Nikki Haley.  And it’s also why 47% of people no longer find Mitt Romney’s binders full of women offensive.  The Ctrl-Left has been beaten by the Alt-Right, so now they’re trying to tarnish this movement that no one could really define by finding a few bad apples to brand the group.  We are still constantly bombarded about how this movement is a racist movement. Some people have fallen for it, and you can some of the Alt-Right are now calling themselves the New-Right.

                We do not need to go on the defensive, because that has never worked in the past. We shitposted and memed our way to victory in the Great Meme War, and we don’t need to let up. My professor once told me, “There are no contradictions in a terrorist drinking a Coke, listening to Michael Jackson and getting paid in dollars to kill Americans.” Same thing goes for the Ctrl-Left using their 1st Amendment rights and influence to get people in power to suppress others’ 1st Amendment rights and influence. The ends justify the means to get to their ultimate objective – domination over all who oppose them. The left was doing that with government, but with the election of Trump, they are taking a different path – using corporate! Don’t worry, because the leftists that have worshipped at the altar of government and scoffed at the private sector will not see the irony of turning to the private sector to solve their “problem.”  A generation that learned the definition of ironic from a Canadian pop star is irony impaired. Isn’t that ironic?

                They are trying hard to regain control of the narrative.  It wasn’t enough just call us racist, sexist, homophobic, and Nazis.  They know there is alt-media out there that will counter them on every point, and that trust in the Main Stream Media is at an all-time low, so that is why they are attacking “fake news,” while also continuing their same idiotic talking points. Keep in mind that they were going to do this anyways with government, but they had bullshitted themselves into thinking they’d control both chambers of Congress and the presidency. They would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for us rascally deplorables! So now they need their corporate backers to bail them out again. Google and Facebook have jumped on the fake news craze because we obviously can’t figure out the difference between parody sites like and the Huffington Post and real news sites like the Washington Post.  Oh wait, none of those made it to the fake news list! We should let them continue doing the same things and continue to grow the alt-media.  Twitter is tanking. Google and Facebook will start to lose out too, but they’re not concerned right now because they don’t mind losing a bit of profit to regain the narrative. Might as well make it painful for them and subvert their attempts at control. We’ve done it before!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump Team Asks Questions, and That's Bad?

Since When Does Trump Not Know How To Play Golf?

                Noted intellectual, Mr. Rachel Maddow, now has another story out. This time, it’s about how Trump isn’t prepared for his first day of office. He applied for a difficult job that he had no clue about. Anonymous sources, which are all they have, say that the Trump team did not know that they needed to hire people to fill the West Wing, something someone with experience and a list approved by Wall Street would have already had!

                Missing in this narrative is that Obama, with his inexperience in everything, was emaculated into the presidency and had zero clue what he was supposed to do for the last eight years. That’s just one reason why he was a failure, and he even had insiders with him! But the Trump team goes in and apparently Jared Kushner asks a few questions to take stock of the situation - something people are supposed to do - and that's somehow bad?  How would it look if a detective comes on the scene and asks no questions of the people there? Just a murder, no need to ask anyone anything. What if a commander takes over the area of operations he was at in his last rotation and brings an experienced unit with him? No need to ask any questions, right?

                But Sally also had to imply that Trump seemed out of his depth because he said he was looking forward to meeting with Obama a few more times. Remember when G. W. Bush took over from Bill Clinton, and the transition was delayed because of the recounts? Bush was bringing in an experienced team, and he still had to conduct turnover! Him not doing any turnover for weeks led to some rough spots, but it did give Hillary time to steal drapes. Suddenly they're aware that being president entails more than hanging around celebrities and golfing. 

                Stories like this are supposed to fill us with buyer’s remorse because we didn’t go with the resume. Seriously, look at the comments on these stories. Apparently being the First Lady of Arkansas and then the US is supposed to be equal to being the governor and President. If having sex with someone magically transfers their knowledge and experience to them, why the fuck didn’t they run Monica Lewinsky? Monica at least spent more time in the Oval Office. They also bring up her experience as a Senator and as Secretary of State. She was shit in both of those jobs, so why does she deserve a promotion?  Oh yes, because vagina. Expect more of this bullshit every day. We were not convinced by their arrogance, condescension, and general idiocy, so they are going to try and convince us now with arrogance, condescension and general idiocy. That is why we should never give in. They'll act the same either way, so why try to be nice?


Monday, November 14, 2016

Is Trump Breaking Promises Already?


                We’re not even on day one of a Trump administration, but the libs are trying another tactic – saying Trump is already flip flopping, taking things out of context and trying to tell us we didn’t know what we were buying. You know, the same tactic they used during the campaign! We sure fell for it the first time! You better put even MORE effort into it this time!

                One of the things I saw on FB today being floated around by the Hill Shills was that Trump isn’t following the GOP platform. Well, no shit! Trump ran on the Trump platform, not the GOP platform.  There is overlap between the two, but Trump has his agenda that he wants to focus on. When they say he’s not following the GOP platform, they're trying to do a couple of things. One is to demoralize us because they equate the Trump movement with the GOP. But they also read things into the platform and then criticize him for not holding views he never said he endorsed!

                Another thing I saw was that Trump isn’t going to build a wall along the entire border; therefore, he’s not serious about his biggest promise. Well check the elevation map of the US. Look at all those high altitude areas. Do we need a wall everywhere? Maybe not, but that’s terrain dependent. Do we need a wall at the Border Control Points? No, we need fences so we can open and close those as needed. How the hell are the illegal immigrants going to self deport if the entire border is sealed up?


                Don’t sweat the libs thrashing and yelling and holding on desperately to anything they can before President-Elect Trump is sworn in. They are such whiny fucks, they'll bitch about anything he does. They are so ingrained to oppose him that Trump could literally appoint Obama to the Supreme Court and they’d say it was a crass political move designed to try and steal the black vote. He could legalize weed in all 50 states, and then suddenly they'd have stories about how weed makes people lazy. And that is why Trump just needs to do, what he’s going to do and to hell with the press. The main stream press will always be against him.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't Worry About Priebus

Let Trump worry about blank


                President-Elect Trump made Mike Pence the lead of his transition team, and no one batted an eye. Then he announced that Reince Preibus will be his Chief of Staff and some on our side are having a meltdown. Why? Well he’s an insider and a friend of Paul Ryan, the cuckiest cuck that ever cucked. Sure, but he was also on Team Trump after the primaries. Why break up the winning team?

                If Trump had a problem with Preibus, he would have told him so earlier, and did, but Trump is a leader. Preibus got on board. Pence, Carson, Gingrich and others adopted his tone after a while because Trump is a leader and they started to follow suit. Preibus isn’t the only voice in the cabinet. Trump will set the tone. Bannon will come up with a strategy and Preibus will use his connections to help the team move forward.  So what do you want him to do? Appoint Kelly Ayote? Fuck that!

               Besides, Bannon and the transition team probably thought about how he would be as Chief of Staff. "Hey Paul, go fuck yourself, vote yes on HR 227, or else I'm going to go over there and skull fuck you!" Or with Priebus, "Paul, bro! Brosky! Vote yes on HR 227 and tell the others too, and I'll ask Steve to only fuck your wife every other day." They know the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

                So what are we going to see in the first few years of a Trump presidency? Well, we’re going to win and we’re going to win big, believe me. But we’re also going to see a high staff turnover. DC insiders continue to not deliver and they stay in Washington. That’s why it’s crap. But Trump is from the business world. He’s going to fire some motherfuckers that aren’t performing. How many times have you been at a job and there was that one douche dragging down the team, but the boss was too much of a pussy to fire their ass? Not Trump, but that's the DC norm.
                But the transition team is still doing their thing. We have a lot more positions to fill and there are already a lot of douchebags that think WE have to go to them and reach out to them. Oh, the transition team is full of loyalists! Of course! Why the fuck would he fill it with people that would try to sabotage him at every move? And that’s what the elite are afraid of. Trump isn’t playing by their rules. That’s a good thing. So don’t sweat Preibus in his position. Trump is well aware of who he is, and if he’s no longer useful, he’ll get tossed out.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump Wins: Pussies Leak Tranny Fluid

                            Trump Wins! Pussies Everywhere Leak Tranny Fluid

               Immediately after Donald Trump was elected president, leftists and pussies everywhere threw a collective hissy fit because they did not get their way. Before anything was decided, we had Sally Kohn telling us that Trump supporters would be the angry ones, not the tolerant left. They of course will always tell you that they are the good, moral and reasonable ones, and that we are the angry, intolerant horde.  But then the electoral votes were coming in, Trump was ahead and doing well in many places. The momentum started shifting and Hillary supporters suddenly had to face the truth. The nation was about to elect Donald Trump.

Then the tears started to fall. Trump supporters cheered and laughed at the collective meltdown of the left. It was glorious! But to the left, it was supremely heartbreaking. Why didn’t the nation affirm their feelings, vote against their own interests and subordinate themselves to the whiny twats that insulted, ridiculed, denigrated, scoffed and mocked everyone that dared to not toe the party line? Because the left insulted, ridiculed, denigrated, scoffed and mocked anyone that dared to not toe the party line. Simple really, and every major news outlet missed the mark completely. The polls were wrong. The political consultant class was wrong. The only people that were right were the people following along with social media.

Some of the meltdowns I have seen were hilarious, and they all followed a theme. The leftists were trying hard to cling to the moral high ground while they saw the incoming tidal wave of opposition to their idiocy and condescension.  Some of the things I saw were the concern trolls, saying things like, “As a mother, I feel sorry that my daughter will have to grow up seeing a rapist as President.” Did Bill Clinton get re-elected for a third term? Another told me, “It must be nice to have a penis.” IT IS! The world is my urinal, I can open jars without assistance, reach things on the top shelf, I can have a beer with Bill Cosby and not worry about getting drugged, and best of all there is no social pressure for me to vote my genitals. I saw one friend be attacked by a relative because Trump was going to make gays and lesbians get electroshocked to straightness. Are you fucking serious? Who the fuck is spreading all these lies? Oh yeah, the left wing media.

                I even lost a FB friend over the whole thing. He was so damn mad about it and I didn’t give. Oops. So I am supposed to validate the feelings of people being irrational? The funny thing is that he described himself as a rational atheist. I have been on heavy psych meds, having full blown hallucinations, and if you came up to me and said that you saw what I was seeing I would have said you’re being an idiot. You can acknowledge that they have fears, but don’t validate their bullshit because that makes it worse. When I was hallucinating, if people kept telling me what I saw was real then at some point I would have believed it. It would have been real and that is dangerous. That’s why we have chaos in the streets now. Idiots are validating the fears of imbeciles. 

So what do we do?  We can’t let them keep whining, because that’s not good for our sanity or theirs. Plus, they lost and they need to deal with it. They were used to being validated by the media, entertainment, education, politics and every other institution. They redefined hate to include anyone even a little bit to the right of them. They are the judgmental assholes. They mount their high horses and look down on people for having a different view. When black, Hispanic, Asian, gay and lesbian Trump supporters spoke out, the left had no qualms denigrating them as being unauthentic minorities, not really gay, and saying shit that would rightfully get others lambasted if they were on the political right. However, it was the basket of deplorables that gave those people support, and vice versa. People of all backgrounds didn’t bat an eye that Scott Presler was organizing for Trump. We didn’t judge him because he was gay. We think he’s fabulous, and we judge him on the content of his character. That’s what we should all do! Egalitarianism is the moral choice, not the divisiveness of identity politics. So when your leftist friends cry, bitch and moan, knock them off their high horses and turn those horses into glue! There is nothing wrong with our values, but their hate and fear mongering needs to be shut down. It’s glue making time. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

You're Doing It Wrong! - A strategy for countering leftists groupthink

                There are plenty of roadblocks when trying to break through to leftists. The biggest one is how the debate was framed long ago. The left are idiots, but the right is evil. That’s why we’ve lost the culture war with the left. Everyone has a good natured, idiot friend. Idiots are tolerable, but Hitler must be destroyed! Every left/right debate gets thrown through that lens and it’s on purpose. The AGW crowd is trying to save the planet, but the evil corporations like Exxon are out to destroy it! Obama is trying to give everyone free healthcare, but he’s opposed by the bigoted, racist right! Take any issue and you’ll see that is exactly how the left frames it. They do not rely on facts, but an emotional appeal. Why do they do that? It’s effective. No one likes to argue facts and logic. Throwing facts at an emotional person only intensifies those emotions. Emotions are easy and convincing. People will abandon logic for the sake of emotion, which is why when given a choice between a dog and his girlfriend, a man will always choose the bitch. She’s been a good, loyal dog and your best friend since she was a pup so it doesn’t matter if she shits inside  and chews up your shoes, because she’s your dog! Besides blond, big breasted, easy going, nymphomaniacs whose dads own a liquor store are a dime a dozen.
Don’t expect to change anyone overnight. I recently had a friend and Bernie supporter that admitted to becoming more conservative. Not conservative as we see it, but as he see it, because the right equals conservative for him. He’s actually moving more towards libertarianism. I’ve been plugging away at my limited circle of friends for years trying to slowly move them over, but people don’t change immediately unless there is some shock to their system. We have a YUGE roadblock impeding us – the established leftist culture in this country. Everyone you’re trying to convince on the left has been brainwashed even since childhood to believe the right is evil. They’re taught it in school, watch it on TV, hear it on the news, and it is unrelenting. Repetition is how they accomplish it. That’s why all the news stories about Trump have the allegations repeated ad nauseum, and less emphasis is put on anything contrary. Repetition works, that’s why so many leftists believe that America is evil and that the world’s problems are because of Western Civilization.  So hammering them with facts is ineffective. It is imperative that we use the left’s tactics against them, because it works and they have been conditioned to be persuaded with emotion and not logic. Keep in mind when you argue with a leftist that you are, and will be racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic pieces of shit that they hope have retarded babies you agonize over aborting. And they will mean that sincerely without being hypocritical about being evil because they are the good guys in their eyes. Good can’t be evil, only the right can be evil and therefore any racist, sexist, homophobic slurs hurled at the right (and you) are excused.
But we can break through. Bernie’s treatment by the DNC in front of all of his true believers has opened a front. The ones paying attention to WikiLeaks have seen that Hillary is not on their side, but are still too timid to red pill. There is a time for combative tactics, but sometimes a softer approach is necessary. It’s like picking up chicks in a bar. Whipping your dick out and seeing who bites might work, but my cousin just had a baby so the chances of that working now have plummeted. You’ll have to woo others, and cucks are like chicks but with less resolve and lower standards. I'm not saying do not ridicule the lefty twerps. We still need to do that. Just like they’ve tried to cow and intimidate the rest of us for having a reasonable position, we should never let them feel comfortable holding their insane views.  However, when trying to persuade you should never give them a reason to think you are evil. It is better that they think you’re an idiot than evil. Once they decide you’re evil, then there is no persuading them. That’s why I’ve been starting out with friends first. They know me. They know I can be an asshole at times, but they know I’m not evil.
There are a few methods I use when converting lefties. I learned these techniques in the Marines and even in rehab. Remember, that they are going to be in an emotional state. Psychotherapists do not hit you with facts during counseling. They acknowledge your emotions first and deal with that first.  One way to acknowledge their emotion is to use mirroring. When you see them ranting and raving and decrying whatever is in the news DO NOT immediately counter with facts like you want to. You have to match their emotion. Just telling them that you understand they’re mad only makes them angrier. You want to defuse that.  So first match their emotion, intensity and tone. They’re upset? You’re upset too! They’re sad, you’re sad. Match your body posture to theirs. If they’re holding your gaze, hold theirs, if they’re mumbling, do that too. Then slowly bring them around. Take your time. A slow strip tease is more enticing than flinging off your clothes and jumping into bed. That's why strippers do one clothed dance before getting naked on stage. Ok, they really do that so you have enough time to go to the ATM before the real show, but the point is still valid. You know that you’re successfully mirroring them when you change your tone or posture and they change theirs as well. That means you have established an emotional and sympathetic bond. Once you have that you can start introducing facts, because they are receptive to you.
Throughout the discussions, the thing you want to be sure to do is to keep the dialogue open. Don’t let them just run away from it or hide. Once the dialogue shuts down you lose all influence. Do not ask them any yes or no questions. Those are closed questions and once they answer yes or no their brains are closed off. Mentally that valve is shut down and you’ll have to reopen it again, losing time and effort. You want them to ask open ended questions that force them to explain their answers. And when asking questions you can plant suggestions into the mix. Do you like Hillary? Close question, bad. Hillary has a history of lying, colluded with Goldman Sachs to sell us out and stole the wealth of Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, how can you support her? It’s open ended; it paints Hillary in a negative light and makes them think of a way to get back on the good side.  But no matter how they answer it, always acknowledge what they are saying and do not shut them down.  Thinking is a process. They’re brainwashed and need to be walked to the truth, but they need to do it on their own two feet. They are mental fat asses fed a sugary diet of organic, gluten free, free range unicorn farts daily, and they won't get there under their own power without enticement. Even Jared needed more than Subway sandwiches to drop that weight - he was enticed by the little boys around the restaurant.

 Finally, never let them get away with making a hard, definitive, absolute statement. If they do, then you should counter with some ambiguity. “All Trump supporters are racists and sexists!” “Yes, some Trump supporters are racist and sexists assholes, but not all of them.” This gives them mental wiggle room. This is the basis for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To change thinking they have to be programmed to not think in such absolute terms. It is a greater mental leap to take someone from an absolute position (ex. 100% of Trump supporters are assholes!) to a slightly ambiguous statement (ex. 99% of Trump supporters are assholes!), than it is from that slightly ambiguous statement to a more realistic statement (5% of Trump supporters are assholes). Taking them from the absolute position is hard, but the rest can be stepped down.  We have less than a month to go. All we need is to plant the seed of doubt about how they’ve perceived Trump and start seeing the real Hillary.  

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